Enterprise Logistics Solutions

If you’re interested in a packaging assessment to reduce costs, improve quality and raise service levels, why not take your cost-saving initiative a step further and evaluate how your packages move through your supply chain?

Is your packaging the root cause of many of your freight claims, or do you need help digging a little deeper?

TransportationInsight_EIDThe logistics and supply chain experts at Enterprise Logistics Provider Transportation Insight, our parent company, can help you find answers to these questions and many more. And, they work in much the same way that we do.

Relying on LEAN principles, Transportation Insight first defines your supply chain’s current state through detailed assessment before prescribing logistics solutions that give you total supply chain control. After implementation, Transportation Insight operates under a continuous improvement mindset – much like United Sourcing Alliance – to uncover opportunities that improve supply chain productivity and reduce logistics-related costs.

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With Transportation Insight as your supply chain partner, your business will experience exponentially positive results. Transportation Insight maintains the most comprehensive level of talent and experience in the logistics industry. In partnership with their team, you and your staff apply best-in-class processes, industry-leading technology and decision-empowering insight to your end-to-end supply chain. The Co-managed Logistics process includes:

  • Service Needs Assessment
  • Strategic Carrier Sourcing
  • Carrier Contract and Rate Administration
  • Claims Processing
  • Inbound Vendor Compliance
  • Continuous Improvement Initiatives

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Transportation Insight’s industry-leading technology platform drives the valuable business insight the company delivers to its clients. Included in the platform are transportation and logistics management, deep analytical capabilities, data warehousing, dynamic on-demand reporting and ease of customization and integration. Transportation Insight’s blended technology solutions enable clients to continuously optimize enterprise performance. Transportation Insight’s best-in-class Transportation Management System, Insight TMS®, supports cost reductions, streamlines shipment execution and improves visibility and responsiveness across an organization’s supply chain. With no capital expense commitment required, Insight TMS is the most versatile TMS on the market today. The suite of modular, scalable applications available in Insight TMS can either be integrated into your operating platform or used as standalone applications. Regardless, Transportation Insight’s team trains your staff to use Insight TMS to achieve optimization, execution and visibility at the highest possible levels. To learn more about Transportation Insight’s supply chain technology solutions, click here.

Virtually all companies with multi-modal transportation expenditures incur material overcharges and often lack in-house expertise or transactional volume to efficiently administer the auditing and payment of transportation invoices. On average, these inaccuracies and inefficiencies equate to more than 2% of a company’s total transportation budget. Using its proprietary auditing platform, Transportation Insight has a proven record of eliminating these overcharges for its clients. In addition, clients see greatly reduced administrative costs through the development and implementation of customized back-office automation process. Key components of Transportation Insight’s freight invoice audit and payment services include:

  • Freight invoice audit
  • Consolidated electronic billing
  • General ledger (GL) coding
  • Carrier payment
  • Freight refunds for service provider failures
  • Freight accruals

In addition to these services, Transportation Insight collects more than 200 freight data elements from each invoice, ensuring accurate and comprehensive supply chain reporting and correct billings for their shipping expenses. To learn more about Transportation Insight’s freight bill audit and payment system, click here.

If you can measure it, then you can manage it. From its meticulously managed warehouse of your supply chain data, Transportation Insight delivers actionable business insight that enhances your decision-making with accurate, comprehensive data. Whether you are using Insight Fusion, Transportation Insight’s cloud-based, interactive business intelligence portal, or you’re receiving comprehensive static reports, Transportation Insight’s broad range of integrated business intelligence solutions help guide your decisions by offering the following: Insight Now: Identify optimal shipment routing, provide in-transit tracking, deliver settlement information and secure other valuable data you need to manage your supply chain. Historical Insight: Leverage customized reporting to uncover missed opportunities to create accountability, illustrate trends and make decisions. Future Insight: Access Transportation Insight’s experienced supply chain consultants and proprietary modeling, perform network rationalization, optimize your current future supply chain via advanced analytical tools and much more. To learn more about Transportation Insight’s class-leading business intelligence solutions, click here.

In addition to the core services shown above, Transportation Insight provides clients with a suite of value-added services that link North American companies to their global marketplace, improve operational efficiencies and reduce response demand response times.

International Logistics: As an authorized Ocean Transportation Intermediary and Ocean Freight Forwarder, Transportation Insight manages shipments through more than 130 countries with FCL, LCL and air freight services. Clients also have access to:

  • Import/Export Compliance Expertise
  • Customs House Brokerage Services
  • Port-to-Door Supply Chain Visibility
  • Seamless Integration with Transportation Insight’s Domestic Logistics Platform

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Warehouse Sourcing: With over 100 partner warehouse locations in all primary and secondary North American distribution points, Transportation Insight provides flexible warehouse sourcing that helps companies with the following:

  • Entrance into new markets with minimal risk
  • Inventory moved closer to customers
  • Business growth
  • Management of seasonal demand
  • Improvement of operational efficiencies
  • Port-based value-added services

To learn more about Transportation Insight’s Warehouse Sourcing services, click here.

Supply Chain Analytics: If your business is facing important decisions that could affect how its entire supply chain operates, it can be helpful to consult with the industry-leading innovative experts on Transportation Insight’s Supply Chain Analytics team. To learn more about our comprehensive suite of Supply Chain Analytics solutions and expertise, click here.

LEAN Consulting: Transportation Insight’s LEAN solutions help its clients drive waste off the factory floor and out of the supply chain to help them achieve operational excellence. To learn more about Transportation Insight’s LEAN solutions, click here.