Our Six-Step Request for Proposal Process

Quantify Total Spend

  • Execute non-disclosure agreement
  • Obtain detailed spend data from client by location/supplier/SKU/usage/quantities/price and terms
  • Quantify total opportunity across all facilities

Analyze, Validate, Prioritize

  • Analyze: specific items by commodity, site, etc.
  • Validate: determine true opportunity
  • Prioritize: greatest savings for you
  • Quickest/largest volume/easiest
  • Early look at opportunities to consolidate SKUs and suppliers or leverage purchases

Discovery Phase

  • Identify Executive Sponsor and Champion at corporate and each facility involved
  • Service requirements: consignment, vendor managed inventory, etc.
  • Supplier capabilities: servicing locations, lead time, previous history with client, best practices
  • Understand supply inventory and purchasing process
  • Understand current quality or service issues

Issue Formal RFP and Negotiate

  • Build RFP, client approves
  • Meet and present opportunity with targeted suppliers. Request rapid response.
  • Analyze, normalize and negotiate
  • Identify best and alternative solutions with potential savings documented
  • Client decides on best solution

Implement United Sourcing Alliance Solution

  • Communicate the change throughout organization
  • Schedule and conduct implementation meeting: United Sourcing Alliance/client/supplier
  • Establish effective date
  • Implementation progress reports started
  • Establish 90-day review date

Monitor and Report

  • Conduct 90-day review
  • Quarterly savings report
  • Consolidated sales by plant report
  • Quarterly Commodities Update and Market Analysts provided to our clients
  • Client monthly status reports